Quiz for those who request notarizations

A frustration for notaries who are not attorneys (like me) is the person who decided what kind of notarization to ask for seems to have asked for the wrong notarial act. But, not being an attorney, it isn't the place of the notary to advise the requester about which notarial act would be best.

I've created a quiz which is aimed at those who request notarizations, to see if they know which notarial act would satisfy their needs. This quiz is based on the new Revised Uniform Law on Notarial Acts which will go into effect (for most purposes) on July 1, 2019.

#1 For an acknowledgement, what assurance does the relying party NOT receive?

#2 If a relying party asks for a verification on oath or affirmation, in which situation is the relying party most likely to be disappointed?

#3 For a signature witnessed by a notary, what assurance is lacking?

#4 For an affirmation of office, what assurance is lacking?

#5 An individual signed as a representative of a corporation and acknowledged before the notary. What assurance is there that the individual was authorized to sign?

#6 The requester needs to scan a multi-page record after it has been notarized. The requester should ask the notary to...



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