New notarial certificates coming soon

The new short-form notarial certificates for Vermont go into effect Monday, July 1, 2019. They are not mandatory, but it would be a good idea to study the law if you're not going to use them (or even if you are).

The format in the law is hard to read. I made some Microsoft Word documents that I plan to use myself. I'll share them, but you must realize that I'm not a lawyer, so use them at your own risk. "Your own risk" includes not only the risk that the forms might not have the legal results you hope for, but that the Microsoft Word files might include malware; I use Microsoft Security Essentials and have not noticed any odd behavior on my computer, but you can never be 100% sure.

The certificates were modified September 14, 2019 to make it more obvious what to write on each line. Another change was separating the box for the official stamp from the area for identifying the attached document, which is not an official part of the notarial certificate.

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