Castleton Democratic Town Committee caucus in September.

The Castleton Democratic Town Committee will hold a caucus, as required by Vermont law. The participants will choose members and officers of the town committee. It will be held September 19 at 6 PM. The location is the Castleton Community Center at 2108 Main Street (formerly known as The Old Homestead).

This is grass roots politics. Among those being elected will be delegates to the Rutland County Democratic Committee. That committee, in turn, elects delegates to the Vermont State Democratic Committee, which, in turn, sends delegates to the National Democratic Committee in 2020. (There are other delegates too; some of these are known as super delegates.)

So, if you want to learn where those names on the election ballots come from, come on by and see the very beginning of the process. Anyone is welcome to be a spectator, even if you're not a citizen or not 18 yet. But to participate, that is, vote, at the caucus, you must be a Castleton registered voter and not have participated this year in the caucus of another political party.

I hope to see you there.

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