Time to renew Vermont commission

Every Vermont notary commission expires February 10, 2019. The process to renew has changed, as explained by the Vermont Secretary of State, Office of Professional Regulation. You will want to get started now, because there are several steps.

First, download the oath form, go to a notary, and take the oath. You and the notary fill out the form. Scan it.

Next, establish an online account with the Office of Professional Regulation (if you already have an account because you already have a license, like a land surveyor, use it). Apply for a notary commission; at the right point in the process, upload the oath.

Once you have the commission, use your new commission number to order a stamp, embosser, or both. If you already have these, you might have your commission expiration date on them, and you will have to stop using them after February 10. When you order the new stamp, phone the vendor and make sure they are aware of the changes in requirements for Vermont stamps and embossers.

If you have a stamp or embosser with no expiration date on it, you can keep using it until July 1, when the new stamp rules go into effect.